XXYYXX – You Are Why I Am Invisible

I’m completely in love with this track by XXYYXX. e n j o y .

XXYYXX: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: XXYYXX – You Are Why I Am Invisible


AutoReverse – Want Your Love

AutoReverse is a french duo from Avignon, France. Originally, both Jérémy & Julien started making electronic music with electro, trash and fidget a few years ago. But in 2011, they stumbled upon their old vinyls of DiscoKidz, Paul Johnson, Dj Sneak, Crydamoure and other house legends and decided to get back to their musical roots by building the funkiest project : AutoReverse.

Here is AutoReverse’s amazing track called, Want Your Love. e n j o y .

AutoReverse: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Sunrise Blend 2

Sunrise Blend 2

After the successful first volume, it was obvious for us to consider a sequel. This year, we welcome 25 promising artists coming from differents scenes such as hip hop, future funk or even house. Once again, Sunrise Blend 2 wants to provide you some fresh music for the upcoming evenings of the summer. Needless to say that we hope that our goal will be reached with this eclectic selection of titles at the crossroads of several movements, and it surely has something in comming : the 80’s groovyness.

e n j o y .

Juicy: facebook | twitter | soundcloud | website


Download: [Sunrise Blend 2 here]

Also if you haven’t heard Sunrise Blend 1 yet then you can download it below.

Download: [Sunrise Blend 1 here]

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy

This remix by Sound Remedy is absolutely amazing. e n j o y .

Sound Remedy: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix)

Redman – Can’t Wait (Wun Two Remix)

Wun Two

Sorry guys, I haven’t posted a song in a while because I have been busy with college. Today I’m posting an amazing hip hop remix by Wun Two. e n j o y .

Wun Two: facebook | bandcamp | soundcloud


Download: Redman – Can’t Wait (Wun Two Remix)

Branchez – Fittina


Fittina by Branchez is a beautiful tune that’s full of life and fun times.

I love the funky vibe and beats, just AMAZING. e n j o y .

Branchez: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: Branchez – Fittina

Von & Defeater – Grizzly (Kevin Kingsbury Remix)


I have been listening to the original mix of Grizzly by Von & Defeater for a while and now Kevin Kingsbury has created an amazing remix. e n j o y .

Kevin Kingsbury: facebook | soundcloud


Download: Von & Defeater – Grizzly (Kevin Kingsbury Remix)

The original mix is located below for anyone who hasn’t heard it yet.

Download: Von & Defeater – Grizzly

Dream – This Isn’t House (Flinch Remix)


Awesome remix by Flinch. e n j o y .

Flinch: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Buy: Dream – This Isn’t House (Flinch Remix)

Adventure Club – Retro City

Adventure Club

Wow, Retro City by Adventure Club is AMAZING.

e n j o y   y o u r   s o c k s   o f f   .

Adventure Club: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: Adventure Club – Retro City

Boris Dlugosch – Cycle (VNNR Remix)


This remix by VNNR is dope. Hope you guys e n j o y .

VNNR: facebook | soundcloud


Buy: Boris Dlugosch – Cycle (VNNR Remix)