LBCK – Start & Instant Party


I have been meaning to post some LBCK songs on this blog for a while now and today I thought I should finally get around to doing it. LBCK’s unique style is exceptionally versatile, but can best be described as the uncharted realm where disco funk meets crafty synths, epic builds and viciously heavy drums. Give these guys the decks and a dance floor and they’re about to blow, your mind, into orbit.

e n j o y .

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Buy: LBCK – Start


Buy: LBCK – Instant Party


50 Days For Dilla (Vol. 1 & 2)




Ta-Ku wanted to pay tribute to his greatest influence by creating a new beat each day for 50 days straight. There is no doubt that Dilla has left his impression in hip hop forever, but Ta-Ku wanted Dilla’s spirit to stay alive through music. You will find signature Dilla-esque drum swings, melodic transitions, and creative sampling in his tribute to the late J Dilla. e n j o y .

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Buy: 50 Days For Dilla (Vol. 1) [Bandcamp]


Buy: 50 Days For Dilla (Vol. 2) [Bandcamp]


Cosmic Island

It’s Cosmic Island, a collection of 16 exclusive tracks. You’ll hear touches of electro on Cosmic Island, too, with some producers, including Def Sound and Durkin, bringing synth-laden bangers to the soiree. Elsewhere, Ohbliv weaves a mellow, smoked-out groove, Ryan Hemsworth pens a sonic ode to his dead Super Nintendo, and Lakim takes a trip back to ’97.

Those are but a few of the lunchtime goodies you’ll find within Cosmic Island, which you can stream and download in its entirety below.

e n j o y .


Download: Potholes Presents: Cosmic Island [Bandcamp]

Track listing:

  1. Def Sound & RC Beats – “Applebum (All Sprite)”
  2. Ohbliv – “Erb Magik”
  3. Ta-ku – “Makes Me Feel”
  4. Simon SMTHNG – “Frozen Pools”
  5. Tall Black Guy – “I See You”
  6. Suhnraw – “Roads”
  7. Shag – “Sexy Ways”
  8. Languid – “Bring The Tide (Times)”
  9. Durkin – “Max Cool”
  10. chrisAre – “Lurk”
  11. Equalibrum – “Modern Times”
  12. KVZE – “Real Time Zone”
  13. Prof.Logik – “Like The Breeze”
  14. EOM – “Out There V2″
  15. Lakim – “1997″
  16. Ryan Hemsworth – “Single Player (Tribute To My Broken SNES)”

X.O. feat. Kidd Upstairs – Orange Soda

X.O. feat. Kidd Upstairs - Orange Soda

Here is a DOPE track by X.O. ft Kidd Upstairs. e n j o y .

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X.O. feat Kidd Upstairs – Orange Soda

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Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)


Flosstradamus and Baauer team up like trap Avengers for one of the most awesome and inventive club tracks in recent memory. You need this! Cough! Hope you guys e n j o y .

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Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)

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Fun. Ft Janelle Monae – We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix Part 2)

Fun. Ft Janelle Monae - We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix Part 2)

Wow is all I can say about Alvin Risk’s second remix of We Are Young by Fun. This song packs a punch and is F***ING EPIC to say the least.

e n j o y .

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Pendulum – Tarantula (Tom Budin Remix)

Pendulum - Tarantula (Tom Budin Remix)

Tom Budin uploaded this BANGER to his soundcloud a few days ago and it is insanely DOPE. A truly amazing remix of Pendulum’s song Tarantula. e n j o y .

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Pendulum – Tarantula (Tom Budin Remix)

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Stereocool vs. Fais – The Funktotum

Stereocool vs. Fais - The Funktotum

The Funktotum is a really funky tune and I cant stop listening to it. I found this song on Stereocool’s soundcloud a few days ago and when I heard it I knew I had to post it on Hope you guys e n j o y .

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Fais: facebook | youtube | soundcloud


Stereocool vs. Fais – The Funktotum

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Jibbs – Chain Hang Low (Crizzly & AFK Remix)

Crizzly & AFK

Crizzly & AFK have created a DOPE dubstep/crunkstep remix of Jibbs song Chain Hang Low. Hope you guys e n j o y .

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You can download the track for free at

Ace Attack – Thriller Show


Oh My God! Ace Attack’s remix of Michael Jackson’s song Thriller is absolutely amazing and needs to be heard by more people. This remix is defiantly one of my favorite songs at the moment and I am very glad that I have the privilege of sharing it with you guys. e n j o y .

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Download the new free EP by ACE ATTACK on