Cosmic Island

It’s Cosmic Island, a collection of 16 exclusive tracks. You’ll hear touches of electro on Cosmic Island, too, with some producers, including Def Sound and Durkin, bringing synth-laden bangers to the soiree. Elsewhere, Ohbliv weaves a mellow, smoked-out groove, Ryan Hemsworth pens a sonic ode to his dead Super Nintendo, and Lakim takes a trip back to ’97.

Those are but a few of the lunchtime goodies you’ll find within Cosmic Island, which you can stream and download in its entirety below.

e n j o y .


Download: Potholes Presents: Cosmic Island [Bandcamp]

Track listing:

  1. Def Sound & RC Beats – “Applebum (All Sprite)”
  2. Ohbliv – “Erb Magik”
  3. Ta-ku – “Makes Me Feel”
  4. Simon SMTHNG – “Frozen Pools”
  5. Tall Black Guy – “I See You”
  6. Suhnraw – “Roads”
  7. Shag – “Sexy Ways”
  8. Languid – “Bring The Tide (Times)”
  9. Durkin – “Max Cool”
  10. chrisAre – “Lurk”
  11. Equalibrum – “Modern Times”
  12. KVZE – “Real Time Zone”
  13. Prof.Logik – “Like The Breeze”
  14. EOM – “Out There V2″
  15. Lakim – “1997″
  16. Ryan Hemsworth – “Single Player (Tribute To My Broken SNES)”