Fracx – In Your Memory

Beautiful. Just incredible. e n j o y .

Fracx: facebook | soundcloud


Download: Fracx – In Your Memory


Metrik – Freefall (xKore Remix)

Amazing remix by xKore. e n j o y .

xKore: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: Metrik – Freefall (xKore Remix)

XXYYXX – You Are Why I Am Invisible

I’m completely in love with this track by XXYYXX. e n j o y .

XXYYXX: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: XXYYXX – You Are Why I Am Invisible

Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sound Remedy

This remix by Sound Remedy is absolutely amazing. e n j o y .

Sound Remedy: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Download: Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (Sound Remedy Remix)

Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)


Flosstradamus and Baauer team up like trap Avengers for one of the most awesome and inventive club tracks in recent memory. You need this! Cough! Hope you guys e n j o y .

Baauer’s: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)

^^Download link above^^

Fun. Ft Janelle Monae – We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix Part 2)

Fun. Ft Janelle Monae - We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix Part 2)

Wow is all I can say about Alvin Risk’s second remix of We Are Young by Fun. This song packs a punch and is F***ING EPIC to say the least.

e n j o y .

Alvin Risk’s: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Jibbs – Chain Hang Low (Crizzly & AFK Remix)

Crizzly & AFK

Crizzly & AFK have created a DOPE dubstep/crunkstep remix of Jibbs song Chain Hang Low. Hope you guys e n j o y .

Crizzly’s: facebook | website | soundcloud

AFK’s: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


You can download the track for free at

Butch Clancy – Lonely

Butch Clancy

Hope you guys e n j o y this BOOMING tune by Butch Clancy .

Butch Clancy’s: facebook | twitter | soundcloud


Butch Clancy – Lonely

^^Download link above^^